Blackbirding Productions Limited ('BPL') does not undertake as to the quality or description, except to the extent that the buyer has set forth the requirements of the buyer on their order sent to

The contents of such an order shall exclude any usage of trade or custom or practice existing between BPL and the buyer except to the extent that it has been expressly stated.

The buyer shall notify BPL in writing within twenty four hours after receiving their order, in the event that the contents of the order setting out a reasonable standard of quality or description are not complied with.

In the event of the buyer not so notifying BPL then the buyer accepts the quality of the goods, is liable for payment of the order and no claim can be made for a return of the order's contents nor cancellation.

Should the buyer request a cancellation of their order, after paypal have issued an invoice and/or request for money on behalf of BPL but before the order's contents are received by the buyer, or whilst the DVD(s) are in transit of delivery, a refund can only be made once reasonable costs are covered, such as the buyer paying for shipping and delivery costs due to buyer default, fees incurred for use of paypal and other associated reasonable costs with processing the order. Excepting that BPL shall take reasonable precautions to preserve the order's contents, the risk of the order's contents shall be that of the buyer from the time the goods leave the premises of BPL, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Included in the total price is the cost for postage and handling. Once full payment is confirmed by paypal to BPL, please allow up to 10 working days for your order to be delivered.

Should your order not be received within this time period, you have up to 2 working days from the end of that period to inform us of non-delivery to which we will follow up with our delivery-agent and advise further.

Should we not hear from you within that timeframe, your silence will operate as acceptance that your order has been received.

Please note the postage/handling cost in this invoice does not include tracking, but should you wish to have tracking advise us before you make payment, so we can increase the postage/handling cost.

Please also note our DVDs are replicated as PAL-system DVDs (not NTSC), as it suits our region (New Zealand/Australia) so please ensure your DVD-playing devices are compatible prior to making payment.